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um... today isn't Sunday. Oops!

I was on such a good roll. But I am back on track, thanks to a lovely long weekend here!

As you may remember, last weekend I was up in Collingwood visiting my best bud, and taking in the "infamous" Elvis Festival. Well Elvis was a bust (except for that last ever bite of a cinnamoney mini donut... sigh) but spending quality time outside of the city with one of the most real women I know is priceless. Time to reflect and chill and enjoy drinks around a campfire :)

Said best buddy and I are both music fans with (mostly) the same taste in music. When she picked me up from the GO station in Barry (yes I once again survived Barry) we had to make a stop at the mall to pick up a DVD for her husband. It was a rock documentary. Made by Dave Grohl. How Did I NOT know about this?

Yep, a documentary about a recording studio in California called Sound City (fyi the movie has the same name) A TON of amazing records were recorded there, all done reel to reel before the digital revolution, including one of my fav records - Nirvana's Nevermind. Ah.... the nostalgic journey continues. Nirvana exploded at a pivotal time in my life so the album will always resonate with me, and Kurt Cobain's tragic death will always be hard to remember (I clearly remember that day and the feelings) But it wasn't a Nirvana documentary (can someone please make this soon!) The movie included interviews and recordings from Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield, Frank Black, Tom Petty, Barry Manilo to name a few. Some amazing performances. If you're a music fan... it's a must see. Here's a little Stevie Nicks for you!

PS. Dave Grohl, you are awesome :)

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