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I wasn't the best student in school. I liked Art, English and Gym class... and sometimes Geography and History, depending on the topic. But one class I had tons of fun in was Typing class. Yes, I am aging myself slightly here. I took typing in grade 9 and by the time I hit grade 12 it no longer existed (was replaced with typing on a computer, which I believe was just called computer class!)

The class was a no-brainer, I'd been on the typewriter since I was a kid. I loved the clickety clack of typing letters to my penpals. All those stories just seemed way cooler being typed as opposed to hand written (um, did I really just say that?)

Typing on a computer keyboard has just never been the same.... so when I saw the USB Typewriter feature on etsy I was SO freaking excited. I could have the best of both worlds... clickety clacking away on my computer. Oh man, I am so adding this to my Christmas wish list for Santa this year :)

And for all my vintage peeps out there... what do you think about his comments about antiques no longer existing anymore. It's very true, once my ipod dies, it just dies. Will people be buying these gadgets 10, 20 years from now?

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  1. I'm with you! I love the sound of a typewriter! My grandmother had an incredibly old one when I was a kid (not an electronic typewriter) and I used to love playing with it.
    I even get excited when I see people making jewellery out of the typewriter keys (but kind of sad, too, that some poor typewriter has been dissected).


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