A little bit of neglect never hurt my blog...

Because seriously I had shit to get done. Like mad rush – why do I always leave these things to the absolute last minute – lessons learned kind of shit.

I know, I know, this is a common bad habit amongst designers, and we never learn our lesson.

Last proof of the book - This is the Final cover artwork!!!

But whatever the case, I worked by ass off the past couple of weeks and am pee my pants excited (gross!) to have finally finished my first book and it's officially gone to print. WHAT? Yeah there was a lot of excitement and anxiety and sleepless days but I got it there. And now it's out of my hands.

It's kind of a relief. It's kind of not. But sometimes you just need to let it be. So I'm letting it be.

I think it'll be a weird feeling to actually have the finished product in my hands. I've designed quite a few books in my days and the feeling of having the finished product in your hands for the first time is pretty awesome, but this'll be my first time holding my very own book. What!?

You'll have a to wait a wee bit longer to see the full book though. I'll officially have the books for July 8th, but they won't be available in the shop until the 10th (don't worry I'll share little tidbits and pics). If you happen to be in the Toronto area on July 8th you can come down to The Danny Loves Music at East Lynn Park between 6 and 9pm at East Lynn Park, not only will it be a FUN night in the park, good music and other treats, but I'll be hanging out in the LEN booth and.... I'll have the books with me. You can totally come have a visit with me, buy one of the books and other goodies I'll have with me!

Now I'm going to catch up on sleep and binge watch The 100 (don't judge we all have our guilty pleasures ;)


some new Society 6 swag!

With all the new designs that came out this past weekend, I did a big update to the Society 6 shop. And I know I'm going on a shopping spree, the new work looks pretty damn great on the totes, mugs, tees and SO much more.

These are just a handful of the selections available…. The Love the Forest is definitely working hard to be my favourite offspring. And of coarse the Midsummer Sky, the image that kind of started it all. I'm thinking that for this Friday's Fun Friday we should celebrate by pimping out your phones with screensavers for all the new designs. Sound like a good idea?

Hope you like it as much as I am. I'll be adding more designs as they are finished, but don't worry I'll be sure to let you know so you don't miss out.

I mean, you have to know that there is more Troll swag coming ;)

Oh yeah, and there's also FREE shipping until the 28th!!!

Happy almost mid-week!


Welcome to the same thunderpeep that now looks even more kickass!

Happy Midsummer! I hope it's nothing but sunshine and warm breezes where you are.

Did you welcome the season of sunshine in last night? Hopefully in Fun Fashion {because really why bother celebrating in a boring way?}

Ok, so let's get down to this rebrand and all these new things that I've been working away on.

When I first stepped back to revisit where thunderpeep was it was really just to refocus on the direction I first set out onto. I had no idea that this period of reflection was going to result in a complete rebrand of the company. And honestly it didn't even become clear until about a month ago when I realized I was heading into a very new direction, and I was SUPER excited about it. So both thunderpeep and I needed a fresh new start.

This is the story of thunderpeeps' fresh start. Fittingly debuting on the Midsummer. Kicking off the launch of the Midsummer collection, which be continually rolling out over the next couple of weeks leading up to the Grand Finale on July 8th. But to be honest I've come to the realization that the rebrand will continue to evolve as the year goes on. By the time we hit winter (sorry but it's going to come eventually) and the Polar Night Collection starts to take shape I think we'll all be happily sitting in the company of a brand new thunderpeep!

My work has always had a pretty strong Scandinavian influence. But I've been struggling with my personal connection to my own country and having moved back closer to where I grew up I found that I was a bit more nostalgic (oh yeah and I turned 40 in there and I think it's a right of passage to start reminiscing about the olden days once you hit your 40's) So I wanted to bring a bit more of my sense of Canadiana into my work, in a way to help ground me back in my own roots. It was a struggle to find that right mix. But then after my epic {disastrous?} camping trip back in May I found it. Being back in the Ontario wilderness that I had grown up adventuring in, remembering those fun times and the era that was my childhood and teenage years, it was pretty much already there. I had already been obsessing with old badges of all sorts, from campgrounds to brownies to travelling and those old amazing designs. All these things were all kind of brewing up a bit storm in my brain. And one of the sketches that I'd had that weekend sort of became a symbol for the rebrand. I find that's the way my creativity works. Things brew and brew and brew and then one day it all makes sense.

This was that image. It has actually ended up on one of the cards, and in the new logo. The colours, the design, the vibe. It was all me. At this moment. It's retro feel, it's warm and natural colours. I've worked a lot in white space so this was a bit of a departure, but it was such a natural transition that I went with it. A lot of this styling was already coming through in the Troll and Midsummer books, I hadn't really realized that this was how I was going to bring it all together. The new work and the existing thunderpeep. Does that even make sense? It does in my head, but so does the fact that Trolls exist.

I posted this image as my personal facebook profile pic. Not because I'm even on facebook that much these days, mostly because I wanted to see how it fit when I put it out to people who knew me. And I was pretty surprised at the reaction. I think part of it was that most of my facebook friends are within my age range, so there's going to be a somewhat nostalgic feeling in all of us, but people somehow connected with it in their own ways and that's what I want from the new direction. For people to connect, in ways that don't have to have anything to do with my connection to it. My connection to nature is well documented here and I hope that I can get more people to reconnect with it and see the value in respecting and working to keeping it safe. It's such a huge part of what it means to be Canadian, no matter whether you live in the big bad city or if the country.

With this new style I started to re-design some of the older cards, and bring in new designs with the new stylings. Moving forward I'll be focusing mainly on everyday cards like Birthdays and Friendships only. Those are the things that are natural to me. I get a lot of requests for wedding pieces, but to be honest doing them with my somewhat sarcastic sense of humour doesn't really work. I'm not really the warm fuzzy mushy type. I'm not going to make warm fuzzy mushy things. That just wouldn't make sense. Although there is one new engagement card in the mix. It's pretty much everything I would say to someone I know who's getting engaged - and have! One person I initially showed it to thought it was mean. I laughed knew it had just earned it's place in the pack (FYI it's no meaner than the divorce card, it's just wasn't fuzzy enough for said individual)

Here are your new thunderpeep friendship cards. The re-design of the BFF card you've seen, but there's also the Friendship Foundation card, and the first breakup card. I mean it doesn't just have to be for a breakup, it's a good piece of advice between friends. This actually came out of a custom request!

There's also all the new birthday cards (buttons aren't included with the cards yet but will be later on this summer)

And lastly in the new card roundup… there's that engagement card.

Eventually almost all cards are going to be getting a re-design to fit in with the new look. All these cards are now available in my Etsy shop! Tomorrow on the blog we'll be looking at all the fun new things in the Society 6 shop. And next weekend we move on to even more exciting new stuff.

And of coarse, along with the new look is the new logo/branding. It's not a massive departure from the old branding, but a definite upgrade. It definitely has the more Canadian feel I was looking for, without straying from simplicity of my other influences. It will actually change it's colours based on the seasons (this is spring/summer so this fall you'll see a whole new colour way for fall/winter to go along with the Polar Nights themes) You'll notice that my social media sites have all been re-branded as well. Because there's technically a whole new logo. Eventually the website will get a makeover but that won't be until later this year. SO many fun new projects are coming that will tie in with the new look (yeah, especially the badge aspect, you know I HAD to find a way to make that happen…)

And finally, because I know you're just dying to know more about the books… They'll officially be launching on July 8th. They are going to press in a little over a week and I'm still putting the finishing touches on it but we have the venue and we have the date. As part of the Danforth Mosaics "The Danny Loves Music" series I'll be hanging out with Crystal in the LEN tent with the books and all the new goodies that go along with it. There'll be great music, fun folks and hopefully nothing but sunshine. And since it's a bit of a long wait for the book, each week between now and then I'll be revealing something new to the collection, exerts from the book and giveaways.

Thanks for tagging along on the journey. Here's to many, many more adventures in our future!


everything old is new again

Well, maybe not EVERYTHING. Some things should stay old and in the past. Like acid wash jeans. Seriously what is up with them? Every now and again I see some random person wearing them. Sure they are young and still trying to find themselves, but still... I. Just. Can't.

Anyhow… we're here talking about old cards getting a fresh makeover.

Yep. Part of the thunderpeep re-branding will result in the re-design of pretty much all the old cards. There are a couple of the newer ones that are safe, but everyone else better hold on to their acid wash pants (no really, I think I'll have to find a way to work some of these hideous jeans into a design - and NO this does not mean I'll put any of the Trolls in acid wash jeans Lindsay!!! ) Out of the 8 new designs coming to the shop, 3 of them are actually re-designs.

With the exception of the BFF card, both the 30th birthday and You're Old were not huge sellers, so they made sense to be first up for re-design. Now, for the BFF, the greeting card side of thunderpeep is moving away from the character driven illustrations a bit, to fit in better with the new aesthetics (don't worry I have a post coming up that gives you the ins and outs of the re-brand) 

These, along with the new, new cards will be available in the Etsy shop this Sunday. Wondering about the new, new cards? Well you'll have to wait until the weekend to get your first peep at those ones, but I can tell you that there are 2 new birthday cards, an engagement and 2 new friendship cards. Well maybe 3 new friendships. One is still not quite right, so not sure if it'll make it in time.

Midsummer is Coming. Only 6 more sleeps!


Fun Friday: Loving the Bees!

I'm super excited to have my friend Christine Pensa from Art That Moves visiting the blog today. Well, she's not actually sitting inside my blog, but if anyone can make that happen - yes please. That would be so rad! But what I really mean, is that Christine has created some special artwork as downloads for this instalment of Fun Friday. And it all revolves around a pretty great cause, one she's very passionate about.

Bees. I'm totally afraid of them. Yeah, I can handle a giant moose, but some fuzzy buzzing insect will have me running for the hills (no kidding I will actually run away if there's something buzzing in my ear.) To be fair it's more likely those horrible wasps and hornets I'm actually afraid of, not having been stung creates this larger than life horror around them {one day I'm going to have to tell you about my wasps invasion - when I think you can handle it}

So anyways, I've known Christine for a couple of years now, I can't actually remember where and when we first met, she's just one of those people that I instantly connected with and she just kind of fit into my world that it feels like I've known her my whole life. It could be because her favourite place to visit in Newfoundland and I LOVE that province too. She has this great presence, one of great creativity and peacefulness but also knows how to laugh and joke around (and makes some wicked cocktails - most likely a skill she learned from her earlier days working in politics!) She creates artworks by combining inspiring words with her magical illustrations, and pieces vary from original art, to prints and stationery to her sweet line Om for your Home - a selection of silkscreen pieces for your home including tea towels, bread bags and pillow cases (all available in her Etsy shop). If you follow me on Instagram you may also remember our trip to the AGO to see the Emily Carr exhibit, where Christines' paper Emily doll tagged along.

inspiring Hafiz quote print available here and Ladies of Art paper dolls available here

Christine recently put together a show here in Toronto, to raise awareness and funds for the bees at the Graven Feather Gallery on Queen West here's what she had to say about the show and her reasons behind it:

I have been passionate about bees (and other pollinators) and the threats they are facing to their very survival for some time. Over the last year and a half I have donated 10% of proceeds from my bee themed art products in my Etsy shop, at the One of a Kind Show and in other retail venues.

This spring I wanted to do more.

I contacted Graven Feather Gallery in Toronto’s west end and asked if they wanted to host a show in support of the alchemist insect – the bee.
Once we put out a call for artists our Bee themed art show came together rather quickly. I thought we might start our first year with 25 artists, but after the overwhelming response we received we opened the show up to include 48 artists participating!
The response is so gratifying and the opportunity for spreading the word about the plight of pollinators has grown exponentially.

People DO want to make a difference and that makes my heart happy!

Each of the artists in the show has agreed to donate 10% of their sales to the David Suzuki Foundation‘s work to help the bees.

The show runs until June 27th, so if you're in the Toronto area I highly recommend you go and check it out. Some of my other friends are also in the show - Ele of Minouette and Michelle of Kempton Jones both have pieces in the show.

Want to know more about what you can do to help the bees and other pollinators at risk? here are a couple of useful links: David Suzuki Foundation, the Sierra Club, and of coarse don't be like me and run away from bees. They really are our friends.

Christine has created some gorgeous screen savers for your phones and desktops, to bring a bit of bee love into your daily life. So download and enjoy. Just click on any of the images below and it will pop up in a new window. Right click the image and download it onto your computer, then select it as your new wallpaper and BAM! you now have a super Fun image on your screen - or use the same process to upload to your phone as a screen saver. (please note that these images are for personal use only they are not for resale but feel free to share this post with your friends!)

some bee love for your phone!
Eat Local and organic Desktop screen saver

Bee Love Desktop screen saver

Yay Bees! Thanks for caring about these pollinators and thanks for sharing your beautiful images with us Christine :)


Speaking of books...

Change is good, but change is tough. I can't say things are all rosy and golden since my big tell-all post (did I really tell all? that just sounds so dramatic!) I'm really excited to launch all the new things I've been working on, including those books. Oh man, those books. Is it possible to have a love affair with one of your own projects? I think yes. But there are still more big decisions to make, and things to figure out and plans to make. And visions to figure out.

But I can still say I'm very comfortable where I'm at in all this chaos. I'm a really great dreamer. Day dreamer that is, ambitious dreamer - I never remember my night time dreamings. That sometimes makes me sad, because I wake feeling like I dreamt something amazing, but no memories. That sucks. But whatever. That's life.

So, speaking of those books, the Troll one is actually almost finished so I wanted to share a bit of that. People are often a bit confused about this one. I'm not 5 years old, and what the hell is a troll anyhow? This is why I had to write it. And it fits in nicely with the Midsummer Fairy Tale. This little companion book is an introduction to Trolls, for you North Americans who still think that Trolls are the same things as Yeti or Sasquatch (pft, come on now!) I can say now, that it's the first in a series. I've already started on the next stories. Oh yeah, so much Troll love coming your way.

Here's a sneak peek of the covers (above) and some of the inside pages (see most of you probably didn't know there were different types of Trolls, did you?). This book will actually launch before the Midsummer book. Can't say much more than that as I'm still working out the details. Soon though. Very soon.


Forest Adventures

So, a couple of weekends ago it was something like the Great Escape over here at thunderpeep headquarters. It was a mad rush to get the hell out of the city (those pics above are my idea of what I needed - peace and quite and nature) You could feel summers' sweet breath in the air, trees were green again. All the signs were there. It was time to camp.

I'd kind of dragged my feet committing to this camping trip. There ALWAYS seems to be something that needs to get done. But more important than any of that stuff, I needed to get away from everything and clear the noggin and just think about some stuff that needed to be thought about. And my good friend Amy had been pestering me (in the best possible way of coarse) to take a road trip with her up to Algonquin. We both needed a Chill The Fuck Out weekend. Very tempting, considering neither one of us had been there (what??? I know!) and it was Moose season. You see, Amy and I have very good Moose karma. It's like they know we're coming through and all come out to the road way to say Hei! No seriously,  I'll have to dig up that video from Newfoundland - you guys will love it, and it embarrasses the heck out of Amy!

Now, if you're one of the random folk who've been following the blog since way back in the very beginnings, or longtime friend of thunderpeep, you'll remember the good old days when this whole blogging thing was all fresh and new. When it was just a name and a reputation. This blog started as a way of having a bit of fun while chronicling the Adventures of Thunderpeep and her group of strange folk (with some serious exaggerations!) There was the Fan Bus adventure to Kelowna (this was back in the BC days remember) the trip to Apex (but most of that story had to be edited out ;) and all the Giants games shenanigans! And most of those adventures included Amy, so this post is kind of suiting the whole re-birthing that is taking place with thunderpeep at the moment. We're going back to where we started, in a way.

And lucky you, it's not even Thursday and you're getting throwback gems here. Those are some banners from the original blog, I dunno around 2003 or 2004. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, that trip to Algonquin and the Moose.

Since Amy doesn't live in Toronto I was a happy camper to be starting my end of the trip by taking the GO train up to Barrie to meet up with her (you know I love train rides, but can't say the same for time spent in Barrie. We just don't get along. No story here, keep moving)

I'm not going to talk about Barrie. It is what it is, and for some reason whenever I am there I always encounter the shadiest of Barrie-folk (I have also learned that Barrie is the Sasquatch hotbed of Southern Ontario - this does not surprise me in the least!)

So once Amy picked me up and we were en route it was FUN TIMES. There's a very good reason we've stayed friends all these years, despite living in different cities or provinces for 90% of the relationship - we know how to have fun. Nothing is off the table, nothing is too dorky, we have one of those friendships where you just whole heartedly accept the other person for whatever weirdness comes out of their mouth. The music was up, the roads were clear, the sun was out and the forest was waiting. 

Entering Algonquin was amazing. I have missed that feeling of being surrounded by nothing but dense trees. It makes you feel so tiny but so alive. It's so tranquil yet so full of life. Everything just works in the wilderness. It all fits together so perfectly. And you just find your place and fit right into it. I know the great wild isn't everyone's cup of tea, but even if you don't like to hang out with it, you have to give it the respect it deserves for persevering despite the chaos us humans throw upon it. That's as far as I'm going on that topic because this is a happy happy fun fun post ;)

And just as I stated, the Moose were there, waiting for us to drive through….

If you look really closely you'll see Bruce right there in the middle. He was a big guy and didn't seem to be bothered at all by the crowd on the side of the road taking photos. (this picture does him no justice - he was HUGE) That is until I opened my big mouth. That's just the way I roll, like Dory in Finding Nemo, I think I can talk Moose (ok she thought she could talk whale but whatever - I can totally talk whale as well as Moose) So as I blurted out my greetings to Bruce the earth just stopped moving. All except for Bruce, who slowly lifted his gaze to mine and gave me that look. I'm sure all you parents have that look too. The "you've gone too far this time little lady" look that let me, and all the others know that photo taking time was officially over. He definitely won the stare down, as Amy and I turned tail and ran back to the car. Luckily for everyone Bruce just went back to eating. I told you I had Moose Karma. I'm always able to make eye contact, and as intimidating as it is, it's an incredible experience.

So off we went through Algonquin. We did see some more Moose a bit further down the road, we figured they were Bruce's lady friends waiting for him, and the sun to set so they could get their party on! Because what else do Moose have to do all night? I can tell you what Amy and I had in store for the night. Some cold drinks and a campfire with roasted marshmellows. Because what else do friends have to do in the Forest at night? So let's get to this campsite already...

So, the first thing wrong with the above photo is the Bear in Area sign. This was what greeted us when we drove into the campground. I mean, I know this is bear country and it's their home not mine, but there is no part of me that wants any kind of encounter with a bear. Even the times I've seen them from the safety of a car was too much for me. All respect to them. They are the boss. Plus it was dark  enough out, so I was going to be nothing but nerves every time I had to get out of the car or tent. I mean in the dark I would probably just hear his huffing and pee my pants!!! The second thing wrong with this photo is the temperature. Notice the difference between the outside temp on the left and the temp on my heated seat on the right (I know totally got spoiled with the heated seats. Such a luxury, but my bum is always cold so I welcome them!) Well, that's a bit colder than we expected. We still felt prepared, but we had no idea the temperature was going to continue to drop. Yeah, you can already see where this adventure is going!

It all started out ok. Other than the fact that the wood shed was closed and Amy had decided NOT to take the firewood her husband had offered before she drove off. No campfire for us. So, ok, we'll just hang out in the tent with our flashlights and eat cold marshmellows. There's always tomorrow night for roasting and campfire stories. Now, as we unloaded and setup the tent we didn't really notice the temperature. All that moving around tends to keep you warm. But once you settle in to your sleeping bag, even with a couple of extra layers of blankets, it gets cold. And you've heard me mention before that I quite like the cold. I much prefer it to the sweaty heat. But this wasn't just cold. It was -7ºC (I have no idea what this is in Farenheit so just say it's fucking cold) COLD. Shivering in your sleeping bag kind of cold. As funny as it was, we still made the decision to pack up the sleeping bags and climb into the car.  We're still camping, just not in a tent. I felt slightly ashamed, we're both hearty campers, we came prepared. No one wants to end up sleeping in the car. But we did. It didn't get much better for us though. Don't forget there's that bear in the campground ***SPOILER ALERT - I am just dropping that bear reference in for dramatic effect, we never actually did see said bear*** But there is one thing you may not know about me. I'm a bit claustrophobic. And the back of Amy's journey is roomy, but not roomy enough for my tight space anxiety. Despite the giggles while making fun of ourselves, it was 3am and we still weren't asleep. It was still cold in the car and we both had to pee. But who the hell wants to get out of the car now, with a wild bear roaming around.  I'm not going to get mauled while peeing! (it's amazing where your brain goes when you've been awake almost 24 hours) But I just had to get out and stretch my legs and shake off that feeling that everything was closing in on me. There was no way around it.

And it all worked out (which you know because of the spoiler a couple lines above. That bear wanted no part of our ordeal, he would have just rolled his big bear eyes at us, all curled up in the car and kept on walking. Probably towards that wild pack of coyotes we heard howling away earlier) If you ever find yourself in minus whatever degrees weather while camping, and are forced to sleep in the car (or for any reasons other than the weather) it may not seem like it would be the best option, but the front seat is where it's at. I just couldn't handle the feeling that I was lying in a coffin, in the back end of that journey so Amy booted me to the front seat so she wouldn't have to get kicked a million times by my fidgeting and wimpering (no not really, I'm not a wimperer, but I most certainly am a night time fidgeter) And let me tell you, it was better for my anxiety, but way worse on my fear of that bear. I had to pull the covers over my face, I was so freaked out that I was going to open my eyes and see that bear peeping back in at me (and of coarse when you have sleepy brain you can't stop opening your eyes and peeping out the window to see if he's actually there!) Holy Hell. We were a wreck! Seriously.

Finally the sun came up and we just gave up. We probably had a combined 4 hours of sleep but we just couldn't be in this car anymore. Plus we had to pee again, and it was light enough to make it to the washrooms (this is provincial park camping so thankfully I didn't even have to think about those outhouses) We then proceeded to the camp office to see if maybe one of those warm looking yurts was free, you know so we didn't have to spend a second night in that stupid car. As we waited in line a friendly older gentleman chatted us up by telling us about how cold it had been up there the day before. They had been out on the lake fishing when a snowstorm blew in (I'm sorry, a snowstorm at the end of May??) Amy and I both responded in unison "yes we are aware of how cold it was, we slept in it last night". He chuckled and told us he hadn't noticed he slept in one of the yurts (one of the yurts that were all taken so screw you Amy and Michelle). Never in my life have I wanted to punch a cute old dude as much as I wanted to punch that guy, in that moment. But I'm a well mannered camper (despite the inappropriate language I may have used during the night) and I refrained from any physical encounters. And I noticed the weather forecast for the day was posted. It wasn't getting any warmer. So, I was totally wrong about summers' sweet breath, we were in store for the morning after, hangover breath. Thanks Mom Nature!

So we went back to our beautiful campsite (right on the lake, you can't ask for much better than that!) And Amy had a serious breakfast to cook for us. We may not have slept but we had bacon, eggs and toast (see I told you we were serious campers - we have a camping stove that comes with a toast rack. That's serious stuff) Of coarse we'd both forgotten any tea or other form of caffeine, and the eggs were the hard boiled ones that Amy accidentally grabbed, but whatever. It was a new day. While we lounged over our awesome breakfast we contemplated our hikes for the day. Considering our lack of energy choosing which ones wasn't hard. We were going for the short ones, with perhaps some naps in between. That plan was more ambitious than we realized.

We drove for a bit, enjoying the scenery and looking for more moose when we decided upon the Whiskey Rapids trail. Because it has to do with Whiskey, so of coarse. (to note: I have actually never had whiskey before) It was pretty gorgeous, the rapids are only a small bit of the trail, but it runs along the river and you're all cozy in the trees - lot's of scenic points. And the story with the name is something along the lines of some fisherman carting some barrels of whiskey along with them up the river, they all get thirsty but don't drink the whiskey yet, then they all go mad, someone gets tossed overboard but takes the barrels with them and none of them are ever seen again. This is the way my sleep deprived brain remembers the story. If you are in Algonquin park anytime soon and get the full story, please feel free to share it. Because my version sucked it. You're welcome!

That was exhausting (no not writing this novel of a post, the actual hike). Algonquin 1 - Amy + Michelle 0.  40-somethings just don't have the ability to pull all nighters and then hike all day. At least these 2 don't. Algonquin had beaten us. It's slightly crushing, but it was all in the name of Good Time Forest Adventures. You certainly can't say our stay was boring. Because the stories were going to be so funny. Everyone was going to laugh at them. Or us.

We went. We saw Moose. We had Fun. We chilled the Fuck Out (literally)

So the journey was packed up and we headed home. At least to Amy's home. It was so much closer and I wasn't ready for the big city yet. Plus she has a sweet fire pit, we could actually roast some marshmellows in. YES! Nope, by the time we got home and her husband Tom made fun of us we watched "The Great Outdoors" with the always hilarious John Candy and Dan Ackroyd. I'll leave you with a clip from the movie, what NOT to do when you encounter a bear. At least I can say I've still never encountered a bear in the forest.


Winds of Change.

I just couldn't resist that title. Because you know I love those 80's hair band videos (although I just now discovered that song is from 1991… wtf!)

So, while my life doesn't even come close to being as epic as the Scorpions video (don't worry it's posted at the bottom in case you somehow don't know what I'm talking about) there has been a lot of change and growing* around my life lately and it's going to keep going on for the next little bit I'm sure, I was thinking about it all on my walk home tonight and this song popped into my head, and how I haven't been as loyal with all my sharing as I was planning to be. Just. Never. Enough. Time. Seems lame, but it's so damn true. I mean I have time where I'm not working on stuff, I just am usually sleeping during this time (or those couple of nights I was catching up on Season 3 of the Mindy Project = awesome!)

*note there hasn't been any growing up, that would just be unacceptable at my age

I feel like I'm always apologizing for NOT blogging. But I am Canadian and we do apologize a whole lot for stuff that doesn't necessarily need an apology. Sorry.

But I'm going to sit down this weekend and write all the posts that have backed up - then I'll have them all scheduled for the next week and won't have to sweat the small stuff.

Ok, so now that the boring stuff is over, enjoy that fantastic 1991 Scorpions video (seriously I'm still a bit wigged out that this wasn't an 80's song) featuring some really awesome stuff that happened in the world.

Happy Almost Friday :)

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