Because sometimes Wednesday are awesome!

So, if you've been following the blog for a little bit you'll know how much I love the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men. No seriously I feel like I'm in love with their music sometimes.

I know, but whatever!

So they released their first new single in what feels like forever, on Monday. And it's perfect. Even this lyric video they did to launch it. Only OMAM could pull this off and still be super cool. And I really need to know who this man is - he looks like Fun!

So, on this day when I send my the Midsummer fairly tale out to be looked over by the first set of eyes that aren't mine, well this song just sort of fit. (FYI my story is one of Midsummer Forest Adventures)

Happy Hump Day!


tuning out and tuning in

So, I'm still struggling with the whole social media thing right now. The whole blogging thing. The whole life thing. I've always felt that it has to be natural, I'm not one to follow really fake or overly salesy accounts, so why would anything I put out there be? When you're not sure where you're at, that gets difficult to express.

So I just haven't been posting so much lately. I haven't been very natural in my own head of late, and that's not an easy thing to share. You just can't instagram that kind of confusing shit ;)

I've been slowly finding myself again (and yes I will eventually post about it, but it's still too personal to share) But this weekend I took some time to fully shut it all out and I guess kind of hit the reboot. Computers were down, phone was on DND and I set about doing what I really wanted to do.

You Guys, I wrote a tale.

I know I've been saying it was on the roster of to-dos.

I WROTE MY FIRST STORY. I wrote a fairy tale story. And it has Trolls in it.

And it felt really fucking awesome!

I mean I had no idea where to start, so I just started. And didn't stop. Life is pretty sweet when you know you are exactly where you're supposed to be. And when you're passionate about something it's easy, no matter how messy and complicated it may appear to be!

Stop putting off the things you are really passionate about. Life is too short.

PS. Sorry for all the potty mouth, I promise there is none of that in my story ;)
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