the books

the books

This past year I wrote a really great story. Then i drew some really sweet images. 
After all that I published them together as a book!

What Hides in the Forest is an illustrated story about friendship, adventures and the magic of the Forest. Follow Mina and Runa as they set off on a trip to the forest one Midsummer Evening and come back with more tales than they ever imagined. From silly foxes, to grumpy elves and goofy Trolls, “What Hides in the Forest” is a story full of heart and imagination. A fully illustrated book that allows the reader to be absorbed by the story using their own imagination.

A great collectors book for kids ages 4 to 100. A great gift for kids and grown ups!
8.5 x 5.5" , 40 full colour pages, hardcover bound.

Order your autographed copy here!

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