Ho Ho Howdy!

Well I feel really bad. I have totally neglected the Midsummer collection this year :(

It's been a struggle to stay on top of this growing business and I'm learning as I go along... time management, planning, setting time aside for creativity and most importantly, making time for all the things I love outside of thunderpeep. I was originally taking the month of June off from working the business, but then the One of a Kind show came knocking and it was on to Christmas designs. I can't complain, I know I have 5 months to prepare and that really is plenty of time.

And I have a plan. Or I guess I should say a schedule. But the best thing.... I have HUGE plans for the 2013 Polar Nights collection, which will launch at the One of a Kind show - starting on November 28th. I am super excited to share it with you. There will be sneak peaks as we lead up, but the big reveal is definitely going to be at the show. I have the Rotary show the week before that will still have all your Christmas goodies, so don't worry :)

Also... I will be re-launching the whole card & stationery line at the Danforth East Fair September 14-15 so book that one on your calendars as well. You don't want to miss out on a chance to hang out in the park with lot's of creative peeps. So now you understand why I'll be hiding out over the summer months to create all these goodies - oh yeah and hiding from the heat and humidity that is a Toronto summer!

Lot's to look forward to and I promise to share little bits and bops as we go along.

Happy Midsummer, hope you celebrated with lot's of good eats, drinks and friends :)


big news

summer really hasn't arrived quite yet here in Toronto, a few dabbles of humidity (which can stay away forever as far as I'm concerned) and Midsummer is still a week away... but I have some exciting Christmas news.

yep, I get another 11 days of show insanity. I'm so excited and so incredibly overwhelmed already! I had some big things in the works for the Holiday season, but now I'm going to have to kick it up a couple of notches. And additional motivation to blog more, I really want to share this experience with all my peeps, who have been lovingly supporting me the past year (you guys are AwEsOme BTW)

Happy {almost} Midsummer!
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