about thunderpeep

about thunderpeep

Hi, I'm Michelle, but you may know me better by the name thunderpeep. I like the snow and reindeer and am trying to figure out a way to live in winter all year round!

The business side of me loves designing things to show off other folks' awesomeness, in particular small businesses doing amazing things. The other side of me likes to create to inspire and remind people that magic does indeed exist.

I've always loved stories, both listening to them and making them up. Sometimes I even wish I could live in them, with all those magical things. As I grew up I was especially drawn to the old folklore tales from the far off shores of Scandinavia, with their elves and trolls and easy natural settings. I loved that these cool and modern countries still believed in elves! While I was living on the West Coast of Canada, it was kind of like living in my own little fairy tale, getting lost in the tall trees of the forest, with it's peaceful nature and own hidden beings. 

I'd spent most of my *adulthood* life working in graphic design when I was drawn back to the stories of my childhood and since I was living as close to those stories as was actually possible in real life, I decided it was time to bring them to life in other ways. I started up thunderpeep designs by first selling my illustrations on greeting cards and today my little company is continuously evolving into exciting new areas of stationery, gifts and even my first book!

My illustrations are primarily digital works (with the occasional silkscreened piece - because I still love getting my hands dirty in ink!) that start out from sketches that are then brought to life in Illustrator. Each illustration, story or silly saying is then designed to be applied to various pieces for everyday use, bringing a little piece of thunderpeep magic to ordinary objects!

The most important things to me when creating pieces are that they not only make folks smile, but they remind us all that sometimes you just need to take a step back and look around at the world around you. Take it in. See the magic in all the little things. And go on loads of adventures, in the forest, in the mountains, or even arctic treks in the cold crisp snow. Maybe I'll see you out there sometime!

If you're interested in working with me on a design project you can check out my portfolio at michellereaney.com and if you like my style shoot me an email!

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