Midsummer… is coming

It's been a bit of a struggle to get this years collection together, and to be honest it's still a bit of a disaster zone over here, but I can see the light at the end of the fox hole and the new (although maybe a bit small) Midsummer 2014 collection is looking awesome.

And… I'm super excited because this year I actually have an event on the actual first day of summer (that's how us North Americans refer to Midsummer). This year I'll be launching the first bits of the Midsummer collection down at the Leslieville Arts Market. The Leslieville Wanderlust is putting on it's Lemonfest event to welcome in Summer (and to mark the end of street construction the past few weeks) and hopefully drinking loads of lemonade (have I mentioned it's my favourite - although usually with a little something extra added in;)

I'll be posting all sorts of fun sneak peeks over the next 2 weeks so be sure you follow thunderpeep on instagram and twitter!

Any big plans for your Midsummer weekend?
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