A little bit of neglect never hurt my blog...

Because seriously I had shit to get done. Like mad rush – why do I always leave these things to the absolute last minute – lessons learned kind of shit.

I know, I know, this is a common bad habit amongst designers, and we never learn our lesson.

Last proof of the book - This is the Final cover artwork!!!

But whatever the case, I worked by ass off the past couple of weeks and am pee my pants excited (gross!) to have finally finished my first book and it's officially gone to print. WHAT? Yeah there was a lot of excitement and anxiety and sleepless days but I got it there. And now it's out of my hands.

It's kind of a relief. It's kind of not. But sometimes you just need to let it be. So I'm letting it be.

I think it'll be a weird feeling to actually have the finished product in my hands. I've designed quite a few books in my days and the feeling of having the finished product in your hands for the first time is pretty awesome, but this'll be my first time holding my very own book. What!?

You'll have a to wait a wee bit longer to see the full book though. I'll officially have the books for July 8th, but they won't be available in the shop until the 10th (don't worry I'll share little tidbits and pics). If you happen to be in the Toronto area on July 8th you can come down to The Danny Loves Music at East Lynn Park between 6 and 9pm at East Lynn Park, not only will it be a FUN night in the park, good music and other treats, but I'll be hanging out in the LEN booth and.... I'll have the books with me. You can totally come have a visit with me, buy one of the books and other goodies I'll have with me!

Now I'm going to catch up on sleep and binge watch The 100 (don't judge we all have our guilty pleasures ;)

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