Musical Monday + eats in the hood

it really wasn't until some friends came down to my end of town for dinner at a new pub, that I realized how much of a foodie neighbourhood I lived in (That new pub was The Wren - if you aren't vegetarian and you live anywhere near Toronto you HAVE to check this place out just east of Greenwood station)

A beautiful evening to have hundreds of people invade your neighbourhood!

The next visit my friends made to my end of town was for The Taste of Danforth. A yearly festival of all things Greek and all things yummy, that shuts down Danforth for about 10 blocks. I live just at the end of the festival and it's my favourite weekend, I don't have to cook once. I just walk up 2 blocks when I get hungry. Man, that makes me sound so lazy, but whatever, it's the only time of year I eat so much corn on the cob (unless I get invited over for BBQ's ;)

it's almost inevitable that all Festivals start to get commercialized,
but at least these 2 were fun ones (although it would be even better if it had been a Flames dressing room ;)

This year was the 20th anniversary and it was a year of world record attempts, sunny skies and all the meat on a stick you can handle. My friends (let's call them Steph and Derek) are somewhat new to Toronto (well about 8 months new) so it was their first time taking it all in. I'm pretty sure they had a blast - if not for the food, at least for the company. They'll be heading back to my hood for the best pizza and card packing (it's so great to have friends who are so keen to help you with mundane chores)

even with my fear of outhouses I still had to take a pic. all you Doctor Who fans will get it ;)

Sorry that there are no food pics... I'm not coordinated enough to eat and take pics! And as this post is going up on a Monday, which is usually musical mondays, I thought I'd give you something a bit Greek. But I don't know any greek music, so..... I though it would be fun to give you a bit of Momma Mia, since it was technically set in the Greek Islands (and honestly who can resist Colin Firth singing with a guitar  ;)

Happy Monday lil' peeps


  1. As soon as I saw the outhouse in the link on your fb page, I immediately thought of the tardis!

    1. I knew you would ;) I still didn't use them, but had to take the pic


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