who you gonna call?

I have never been a chatty Kathy (hence the love of written communication). I didn't chat with my girlfriends for hours on end when I was a teenager. Well not unless there was a breakup involved! But I there is something I can't resist about these old rotary dial phones. I want them all over my house, and I want them to be able to dial far off lands. Here are some pretty ones that I love on Etsy... any of them your old phone?

vintage of all vintage phones! (you can buy it here from Cute Vintage Finds)

this is the phone I had as a teen. it would light up when it rang. totally rad! (you can buy it here from EMW vintage)

who else loved the movie Pretty in Pink? ( you can buy this phone here from Pretty Petal Studio)

perhaps you'd be a fan of the more office friendly rotary phone! (you can buy it here from Tomo Vintage)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that prefers a card or email to the phone. When I do actually call a friend, if they really know me, they immediately ask "what's wrong?!". I can totally share in your love for the aesthetics of retro ones, though!

    1. My friends are the same way. But then my mom always gives me the "why don't you ever call me" line!!!


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