Weekend Rap

This past weekend was the first of 2 Long Weekends for me. yay!

Last Friday I took off from Le Day Job to finish installing my new setup down at The Arts Market. Thursday night I worked (and sweated in the uncomfortable heat) away at painting and hanging the new shelving... all in preparation for the new collection. I'm so excited to just finally put it out there for all the peeps to have fun with. Lot's of new Birthday cards, Fun cards, Baby & Lovey cards as well as the introduction of Gift Tags and... Wrapping Paper. I'm so excited about the wrap. I've been trying to figure out a local and cost effective print run and finally have the first design ready. It's a Birthday wrap based on the Manon retro pattern. There will be more coming for the Holidays too! Here's a bit of a sneak peak for you.

I also got the chance to meet up for a coffee date, with a friend I haven't seen in a very long while. She's going to be in the One of a Kind show as well this Christmas, and one of the reasons I love coffee dates with this friend, is she's a great person to discuss all things crafty business with, and she's pretty fun too!

There was lot's of packing and detailing and finalizing and planning... whew I'm exhausted just writing that all out. So much to get done between now and the launch and next show (FYI that's the Danforth East Arts Fair if you're in the Toronto area). As well as getting addicted to the BBC show Broadchurch!

And since this is Monday... you know you're getting some super fun musical ending. There was lot's of singing and dancing while I worked this weekend - but I figured I'd share a bit of something from my evening down at the Arts Market during the stall update, with the blaring 80's mix.

Happy Monday Peeps :)

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