i'm all shook up for the weekend

I'm super psyched for this weekend. Not only am I getting out of the city, but I get to visit with one of my best friends in the whole world. There would be no thunderpeep without runningman :)

I don't get to see her much because she lives in Collingwood and I live in Toronto. Funny too, because my mom grew up in Collingwood, and now my best bud lives there. My boss at the day job, grew up in Collingwood, another co-worker has a cottage in Collingwood. Geez.... this world we live in is way too small. 

The second most awesome thing I'm looking forward to this weekend. It's the Annual Elvis Festival. Yes. In Collingwood. What.....???? Apparently it's a HUGE deal and this is the first time I'm going to be taking it all in. you know there are going to be some fun stories come next week.

For now, you can check it all out at the website

and this...

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