Tuesdays aren't so bad

Good thing I was lazy on the weekend and didn't schedule all my posts like I'm supposed to, because today I had something exciting to chat about.

I woke up this morning to a wicked storm in my etsy shop and after a bit of digging it turns out one of the friendship drinking card made it onto the Etsy front page while I was snoozing away. Super Excited over here :) Turns out one of the treasuries I was in for the Christmas in July sale got featured. You can see the whole treasury here. (FYI the sale is now on until the end of July - you can still stock up here)

A lot of sellers really focus on making it to the front page but it's never been a goal for me or the shop, mostly because making treasuries is somewhat challenging for me. I get all distracted browsing through too many awesome listings. But in the past month I've taken up a couple of different treasury challenges through a couple of my teams and am getting the hang of it. This particular treasury was made during the Christmas in July teams treasury challenge... win win.

I'm a HUGE fan of etsy teams, they've been a really welcoming community for me (I've met quite of few of my friends through my local Toronto Etsy Street Team) but also a really great resource. Not only do I learn a lot from my teammates, I find I can help others with the things I've learned and I really love that feeling. I've stumble lot's during my journey to set up this little business of mine, and I'm still figuring things out as I go along (still trying to figure out how to ditch the day job and be a full time thunderpeep!) but if I can help one other artists avoid any one of my stumbles then it's all worth it (well it's still worth it because I love my business but whatever, get over it, I said it!)

I'm off for a super cold drink... have an awesome Tuesday evening (or if it's Wednesday while your reading, happy hump day ;)

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