Music Mondays with Heat & Hornets!

I'm always up before everyone else on the weekends, which works perfectly, I can head out and get all my errands run, have a nice peaceful walk in the morning sunshine and then have time for work or social times. I had a bunch of awesome ideas that I was finally going to have time to work on, just me and the backyard patio, the forecast was for nothing but sunshine, I had a fridge full of cold "drinks" and a whole new Madonna mix in the itunes.

Well, apparently the construction crew working on the renos next door to me were up even earlier than me.... tearing down the whole front porch. That front porch housed a massive hornets nest. You can imagine what happened then. A whole bunch of pissed off hornets converging on MY front door step.

I'm totally girlie afraid of bees/wasps/hornets... pretty much anything that will sting me. I literally leapt from the door, about 10 feet down the walkway and just ran down the block. I didn't even care if the workers were laughing at me. I was outta there.

This also meant no backyard work sessions - those hornets were all over the place. So.... I spent most of the morning adventuring around Leslieville before heading home to put on my card designing cape, cranked the Madonna (must explain that the mix came up when a coworker wanted some old Madonna to listen to at work, and after going through the olden goldies of Madge's career I couldn't stop getting into the groove!)

So... as you are probably guessing, today's musical gift is some vintage Madonna. One of my favourite songs (I once wrote a spoof version of this song for a school project, wish I still had that...)

Happy Monday!

ps. the hornets seem to finally be gone. Hopefully they haven't built their new home under my front stairs.....

How was your weekend?

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  1. Thankfully the hornets we have had the past 2 years have moved on!
    Happy Monday to you too!


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