rainy sundays...

It's been a struggle with summer so far. The rain. The humidity. The 2 go hand in hand here in Toronto. But only 2 more months to go, and all the focus on Holiday designs and booth building have been keeping me distracted.

I have all the plans set for my OOAK Christmas booth, the new Arts Market booth AND almost figured out my Danforth East setup (which will turn into the OOAK one really) I discovered last week that one of my day job coworkers studied some carpentry and willing offered to help me build my masterpieces. Yay thunderpeep!!! And don't worry, I'll have pics of the whole process, and hopefully some funny stories along the way.

For now I am curling up away from the rain, enjoy my sunday evening and getting lost in a crazy new Norwegian TV show called Hellfjord. As you might have noticed I'm a huge fan of Norwegian cinema and after one episode I am so totally hooked, and it's helping with my learning to speak Norwegian. Tak!

I wanted to post a trailor for you... but there none to be found with the subtitles :( oh yeah and if any of you have seen Dead Snow, that gross dude in the yellow and brown hat is Roy! And he's so nasty awesome in this show (also to note a sequel to the best zombie movie ever made - Dead Snow - is now being filmed. Can you say Best News Ever - except maybe a sequel to TrollHunter - and I mean sequel NOT Hollywood remake )

So, here's the trailor for Dead Snow. Watch it. You can Thank me later ;)

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