new music monday

I'm starting a new trend here on the blog. To share some new music with you every Monday, to help us all get through that first day of the week!

When I was in College I worked for the student newspaper, and in each issue we listed our production playlist. I thought that could work well over here. I can easily get lost in designing for hours on end, so a kick ass soundtrack is absolutely necessary!

For the very first New Music Monday, I'm going to share a band that I'm completely new to from iceland called Sigur Rós. They do sing in Icelandic (which is next on my list once I conquer Norwegian) so I have no idea what the lyrics say, but who cares. You get completely wrapped up in the melody, I'm completely in love with them and I've really only listened to one album.

Enjoy.... :) and if you have any songs/bands that you love to work to let me know. I'm always looking to discover new bands.

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