It's all things Arctic

I started reading this great book from the library called Dude Making a Difference and a sentence in the introduction really resonated with me.

The problem is that we have lost touch with our resources. We have outsourced everything, and we don't realize how our actions affect the earth and everything on it.

This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. And I started to notice that there were 2 very common mantras that I was starting to commit to. Patience and Impact. And why I finally decided to get tattooed again.  There are some forms of commitment I'm all for!

I had the symbols tattooed on the inside of my forearms so they would always be within eyesight - if you follow me on instagram you've seen some of the pics of the artwork healing already. Left for the tree and right for the glacier. Symbols only. No words. I know what the images mean to me. Although interestingly not one person has asked me what they mean. For me, if I'm going to permanently ink myself it better mean something important. I know not everyone else feels the same, and that's a-ok too. But since these guys are so symbolic for me I thought I would share them and their meanings with you guys, as we set off on Arctic Week, because those symbols are based in nature for a reason. Which is why we are having Heart The Arctic Week!

International Polar Bear day is this coming Saturday, February 27th, so I thought I'd throw a whole week of Arctic Love here in thunderpeepland. Because we love all things Arctic and snowy and frozen and magical.  And the Arctic is magical, it's a place of true strength and life. Over the course of the week I'll be sharing some stories about why I'm passionate about the region, why it's such a hot debate topic and tips on everyday things we can all easily do to help lesson our impact on the Frozen pole, and of coarse I've got some fun activities, treats and a nice big giveaway to end the week. 

the tattoos are healing nicely!


  1. Loving hearing the further explanation of each image and what your text would be under them if you had text there! Taking in the moments today (:

  2. Huge love and respect for that ink!! I especially love that you have your own captions that are just for you to know (well, you and those of us reading about it lol). I need to make up my mind about what my first tattoo will be!


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