Happy Polar Bear Day!

So all week we've been celebrating all things Arctic as a lead up to today. Today we celebrate all things Polar Bear. Because it's International Polar Bear Day. WooHoo!

I have to admit when it comes to arctic creatures, the Polar Bear is actually low on my list of favs. Right there with Grizzly and Black bears as animals I really kind of hope I never see (especially after seeing The Revenant...) Don't get me wrong, they have become the poster animals for the arctic for some very good reasons - they are very incredibly majestic animals, the top predators in the Arctic which makes them a most powerful symbol of strength and endurance in a harsh environment. Plus two thirds of the polar bears population lives in the Canadian Arctic, I think that gives us a special relationship with the big bears. But as for me, they are best read about and seen in pictures.

Want to see how the Polar Bears are spending their day? Watch the live cam...

What can you do for the Polar Bears? Join the movement. There are tons of ways to help support Arctic causes and spread information. I'll continue to give tips on the blog on little life changes we can all make to lesson our impact, but there is also some great initiatives out there to help make spreading the word FUN - like the WWF's National Sweater Day, Earth Day and Earth Hour! Stay informed

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