Giving up the To Go

So I'm going to be starting another regular post here that I haven't quite been able to come up with a name for yet. But that's ok, because we can get started without an official name. I mean, really.

This new section is going to combine 2 things I'm passionate about, that really kind of tie into the same thing. They both revolved around the coolest place on earth. The Arctic. You all know I lean towards the environmentalist side and I always try not to be that preachy type so I've come up with a solution. Most people just have no idea of their impact and think that they have to give everything up at once to make a difference, but there are a million and one little things you can do to make a difference. That's where this feature comes in. Every week I'll share some little thing you can do to lesson your impact on our beautiful planet.

Now the second thing that ties into the section? You've heard rumblings about a trip. An adventure in the works. That involves The Taiga. You'll be hearing that word around here quite a bit and well with each greenie tip you'll be learning a wee bit more about this adventure and this place.

some of my on the go cups! - as much as I love my Vancouver cup, it's all kinds of plastic, might be time to replace that one...

Todays tip is more of a pledge on my part and gentle encouragement for others. I'm pledging to give up to go cups FOR GOOD. It might actually surprise you that I haven't done this already. For the most part yes, I have, I usually make my own drinks. But sometimes I get lazy and grab a to go tea (or latte or sometimes hot chocolate - always with whip) in that horrible cup - I mean I do get up ridiculously early and as much as that is my choice some mornings just fall aprt. Some days I forget to prep and that's when all hell breaks loose. Laziness is the evil to most of our nasty anti-environment doings, and honestly I believe in the practice what you preach philosophy so shame on me for this bad habit. This is my pledge to never again use a disposable cup. Even during Roll up the Rim! Who's with me (or who's already given up to go's for good) Another thing I'm giving up is the restaurant to go containers. Now I know some of my friends are going to roll up their noses at the fact that I might come to dinner with them with my own containers, but you know what, I'm ok with that. Some of my favourite restaurants still use styrofoam containers and considering I almost always have to take some home with me, I am most definitely not ok with that anymore.

Recently I saw this episode of CBC's Marketplace (in rerun) on how the big guys are scamming us with their in-store recycling bins (Yeah I'm looking at you Tims and Starbucks in particular) Don't be fooled by those recycling bins, it would appear that both of these chains toss everything in that bin in the garbage bin. That's just wrong, if you aren't going to actually recycle then don't lie (yes I am aware this is naive thinking) Just own it and let the people decide if they actually want to continue being your customers.

Besides, I have a great selection of mugs, so there are absolutely no excuses. No excuses.


  1. There are a few places in tbay that offer discounts if you bring your own containers for takeout. It's a great incentive for those who are less eco-minded to get on board, too. I am absolutely guilty of forgetting my coffee mugs at home--but I have finally gotten better at always having bags in the car and in my purse! I think carrying around a baby bag helps that, though. :)

    1. It's funny you mention that about the incentive for bringing your own cup.... was just reading a story about how little Tim Hortons cares about giving the folks who bring their mugs an option to play Roll Up the Rim. They offer zero, nothing, nada to us folks as an option to win some prizes. Yet, we save them so much $ by bringing our cups. Just means they're slowly leaving as customers (I mean really the tea/coffee I make is much better anyhow!!!)


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