Calling out Bullshit

A couple of weeks ago I was excitedly going on to a friend about how awesome my week had been - not because I'm lucky but because I put good shit out there and it boomeranged right back to me - and after I was finished, she told me I would be a great motivational speaker.

I'm sorry, but what? 1 - I hate public speaking. I am just way too awkward in front of folks to be motivating anyone. 2 - Who on earth would pay to listen to me to go on and on about anything or anything (other than my friends of coarse, because they are pretty great) But really, my blog readers do that every post (and Thank You for enduring my wordy posts all you lovely readers) and I do love blogging (you can kind of see where this is going right?) So... I thought that this could be a fun new regular feature on the blog. Some motivational thunderpeep chats. I do have a brand new take on life that is working out pretty great for me. I’m not talking about sparkly motivational quotes, because Pinterest has enough of those. But positive little nuggets of inspiration to remind us all that life really is what you make it. (ok so that was kind of cheezy, but at least no sparkles) Move over Tony Robbins, thunderpeep is about to take over!

Story #1: I know this person who is not a bad person. They can actually be quite funny and insightful. But they also kind of remind me of Linus from the peanuts cartoons. Or maybe even Eor from Winnie the Pooh. One of those characters that seems to have a grey cloud following them around. They always have some story of someone who has wronged them. Of all the bad luck that seems to only fall on them. How the world is just against them. There is just always SOMETHING!

Well I call Bullshit on all this doomsday. If you never see the bright side of life you're going to grow old and miserable long before you actually hit old age. Yeah, sometimes the world can be a dark and overwhelming place (trust me I'm an environmentalist, it's very easy to get sucked into doomsday thinking) And when you become more in tune with it, it can start to feel like a hopeless place. But that feeling - that is 100% your doing. You let it in. You let it take hold of you. You can kick it's ass to the curb. Shitty shit happens. To all of us. Other people are creeps a lot of the time. But if you just move on, let it go and focus on something better you'll have a much happier day for it. That person who cut you off on the drive in, maybe they legit didn't see you. It happens. To all of us. Maybe they are rushing because they are late for the job interview of their dreams. You just don’t know. They didn't cut you off just to piss you off (and if they did, well that's on their karma why let it bring you down?) Let it go, you and your car made it to work in one piece - why dwell on what could have happened?

And for those people who want to get all up in your happy bubble, the old advice of our grandparents still stands. Kill them with kindness. The world needs more kindness anyway.  We can all learn to be nicer people and maybe one day we won't need these talks.  And honestly if someone is being shitty, because maybe someone was shitty to them, and you just smile at them or hold a door or whatever, you might just make their day better. And they'll pass that on to the next grumpy pants. And then we're all just hugging it out. Ah.... I do love hugs.

Now, because I think my awesome positivity-meter comes from my maternal Grandma, I am dedicating these posts to her. That's a picture of her at the top of the post, on one of her adventures. She was seriously the coolest cat in town. I'll have to tell you more about her in the upcoming posts. I still also have to come up with a name for this feature and of coarse a totally rad graphic, but there's loads of time for that.

Also, since I have taken on this new no bad bullshit attitude, I have to say life has handed me some pretty great rewards. Goodness boomerangs back at ya ;) Oh my goodness I really do sound ridiculous sometimes. Grandma would be so proud!

But I’d also like to say, I’m nowhere near perfect - no I’m serious - and I have shitty days. But you know what. When I have a shitty day, I just own it. And keep it to myself. And maybe I don’t go out of my way to be nice, but I also don’t spread the doom. I keep that shit to myself. Or I have a really good bitch session, in private, with one of those great friends I mentioned. They usually have something they want to unload back, so it all works out. Then we have a drink.

Feel free to post any topics you would like me to tackle in the comments. I'm here for you.


  1. I love that you fight negativity with hugs. I am the same way! Some people do get under my skin, though... and I'm not always the least confrontational person (yay angry feminist?) but I try to help people come around one way or another.

    Do you know the song "Pixie" by Ani Difranco? It's basically my anthem, and this post is totally in the same vein as its message. Worth a google if you don't know it. :)

    1. I will definitely check it out. Love a good anthem song. Today would be a good day for an anthem song!


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