February thunderpeep Book Club

It was tight but I just finished Wildwood. Finished it last night. Because January went by really fast.

So, what do I make of the first book in the Wildwood Chronicles. Honestly, I thought I would love it more. It was good, and I will read the other books. But it was missing something. It just didn't have any kind of charming quality. It did have lot's of adventure, and any story with talking animals, and a woodland war should be just my thing. But there you have it. What I did love, were the little illustrations dispersed throughout the book. And the maps on the inside covers. I love those little details.

This months book: The Shining

You might think this an odd choice for February, but I borrowed this from Steff a few months ago and really should be getting it back to her. Plus it seems less creepy in February. Now, I've seen the movie a dozen times, so it's not like I don't know the plot. But everyone tells me this book is just so much better than the movie (and the movie was pretty great) So here we go. Let's hope I can still get lot's of sleep this month...

What about you guys, what's on your reading list right now? If you're on Goodreads we can be friends and share our reads too. You can find me here.

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