Jaeja - or at least I hope to be!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I made a pretty fancy purchase. Even the checkout girl at Chapters looked at me wildly and wished me the best of luck with it.

I figured this would motivate me to stay on track with my year so I can get the hell out of here at the end of the year. Now, I know that people speak English in Iceland and I'd have no problems if I didn't learn any of the native tongue. But why would I do that? Half the fun of going to a foreign country is the different languages (although I adore listening to Icelanders speak in english with their super cute accents). I did learn a bit of Finnish before my last trip - and that almost broke me. That was a tough one but, I have some basic Norwegian, and since Icelandic is part of the same Nordic language group I'm hoping that gives me some sort of advantage!

So today is lesson #1. I may already be cowering under the covers from the strangeness of it when this post goes up, but I doubt it. I Got This! 

And if I don't, I'll just nail down these three words...

Anyone out there speak Icelandic and want to be my speaking buddy?

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