Fun Day Friday

By the time you read this I will be sitting around a big roaring campfire roasting marshmellows and enjoying a cold Palm Breeze (the drink, I'm not going anywhere tropical) But it's Friday. And Fridays are always Fun Days here at thunderpeep headquarters.

So I've got another freebie download for you. In honour of the upcoming Midsummer celebrations and my weekend Forest adventures we're all going to figure out what woodland creature we are.

Who out there remembers playing with Cootie Catchers when they were a kid, or still plays with them as an adult (nothing to be embarrassed about!) For those of you who didn't, a cootie catcher is a little paper fortune teller game. Usually we played it to find out which boy had a crush on your, or what you were going to be when you grew up. I can't predict either of those things for you (I have enough problems figuring them out in my own life) I made a cootie catcher up for last years Midsummer launch, as a little giveaway for the kiddies, that helps you find your woodland spirit creature. Maybe, if you're like my friend Tom, you will continually get the Forest Troll, and that's ok! We can't all be the Lucky cottontail rabbit!

Download your cootie catcher here. You'll need a printer that can print double sided for this one. All the instructions are in the pdf file. And if you need a visual for figuring out the fold, head over to YouTube and watch one of these tutorials.

Don't forget to let me know what your spirit creature is ;)

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