Workin' for the Weekend

Here in the Great North today is a Holiday. Happy Birthday Queen Victoria, thanks for the extra day of sleeping in and drinking tea in my jammies. And working from the comfort of my sofa.

I don't usually travel during long weekends, because pretty much everyone else is and I hate traffic. So I'll be heading out of town next weekend, for a couple of days in the deep woods of Algonquin Park, for what my good friend Amy likes to call Chill the Fuck out time. Sounds good to me. And apparently there are a ton of Moose out and about in the park, and Amy and I love Moose! But the point is, I had to work extra hard to catch up on a ton of work this weekend to be able to take next weekend off for adventures. And man, there is a ton of work on the go! But it's good. All good. I got to spend a lot of time designing and bringing this story of mine to life, and that felt awesome. I still struggle with that that nagging voice that reminds me of all the other little things that need my attention, but sometimes you just need to muzzle her and stay the course. A lot of my stationery friends are in NY right now, doing what most stationery designers need to do to get noticed, the National Stationery Show. But I took a pass again this year, still just doesn't feel like my path. Some people don't get it, but that's ok, we've all got our own paths to follow. I'm 100% confident that I'm exactly where I need to be (at least career wise, we all know that my heart truly lies in the wild, not in the city ;)

I mean, this weekend wasn't ALL work and no play - I did get a chance to go out and play with Steff (the other half of Pickled Herring), trying to hunt down a colouring book for her can prove to be quite the experience! I mean so many people still haven't gotten on the adult colouring book craze. And that doesn't make us Hipsters (well apparently I'm getting close, but whatever), trust me you should try it after a shitty day. Colouring Therapy is a thing. We've also got some big things coming up for our collaboration Pickled Herring Designs. So much good stuff coming for you guys and gals.

There's just a bit more than a month to go until the Midsummer Collection launches, although the books will have a bit of a later release - I'm working on a event to mark their debut in the beginning of July (hopefully I'll be able to tell you more about that soon!) So considering the rest of the collection one big ass sneak peak into the book set. I'm so excited for everyone to see it. I'm excited to see the finished product myself.

 If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you got another sneak peek today as I posted some more pics pulled from the artwork. I think I'll continue to do that as we head into the final stretch of spring.

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