fun with blackletter type

I've been playing around with types of fonts to use for the Midsummer books. I definitely wanted to stay within my existing style, but also wanted a little throw back to traditional Fairy Tales. I primarily use heavy sans serifs in my work. I love that they are bold, simple and clean. And I have a strong dislike for most serif fonts.

I could play this game all day long! It has actually been banned from my phone….

But Serifs are one thing, blackletter is a completely other matter. I took up Calligraphy last year and while I don't get to play around a whole lot, it did give me a much better appreciation for Gothic Script so I wanted to incorporate that into my books. I mean they were used in most early editions of published Fairy Tales and they are so dramatic, perfect for pulling out important parts of a story! I also found them really easy to play around with as they already have a highly illustrative quality.

So, I played around with some. This one is the front runner so far!

What do ya think?

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