Weekend Rap

The Heat is on! It's only 2 months until the One of a Kind Show and I'm feeling the crunch.

This weekend was part work, but also part hangout time, as I'm realizing these moments are going to be harder and harder to come by in the next 2 months. Gulp!

Bright and early on a VERY rainy Saturday, I was up and headed downtown to my friend Steff's house for a bit of crafty fun, and brainstorming. Steff is an amazing quilter and her mission was to help me make myself a new everyday bag. I'm a pretty tragic seamstress.... but she's a very patient teacher so we're a good match. I learned to cut properly, even fold my fabric properly, and I even got to freestyle on my applique's. It was all kinds of FUN. The result was a super cute little tote

Not a bad job eh? I was especially impressed with that freestylin' birdy (the one with the houses was my second attempt, big improvement from the first bird and it was a ton of fun to do!)

The rest of my weekend was spent trying to finalize the Holiday collection and to start building my OOAK booth. I'm really upping the game with my booth. It's tough with cards, it seems all the displays are way too similar, so I want to do something really different and really special. I'm pretty handy at building... we'll have to see how it goes. I'm in the process of building a 3D model to help figure it out, you know I'll share pics of that crafty project!

Now, for your post-weekend dance party. It's been 25 years since we first heard Canadian Rapper Maestro Fresh Wes. Wow, does that make me feel OLD. I remember that coming out. Back then, mainstream rap was nothing like it is today. Let Your Backbone slide was pretty fun (I hadn't even heard of grunge at this point) So, this past Saturday Mr. Fresh was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame. I can only hope thunderpeep has a solid 25 year (and more) career, so I tip my hat to you Maestro and everyone else. Get up and dance!

PS. If you're reading this Monday morning before 11:30am, you still have time to make it down to the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto for the Etsy panel "The Digital Future is People Powered".... a panel of great women discussing the need for personal connections in social media (oh and I'm one of those panelists :) You can find the details here

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