something new and something late!

Ok, so it's Labour Day weekend here in Canada. Long weekends are my sanity balancing weekends. I get loads of work done, and I get extra time to just chill and hang out with fun friends. This weekend had plenty of each. And I still have today :)

I'm 2 weeks away from the official launch of show season (which is weird now because I only have 3 shows scheduled) and also setting the whole new card collection off into the world for all to enjoy and send to their unsuspecting loved ones! First up is getting some of the new cards into my Arts Market stall (done) and into the etsy shop (um starting to do that one now). For you blog readers... in celebration of the new collection I'm offering FREE shipping on the entire shop - new cards and the oldies. use the code "BLOGGERWHO" at checkout (only until Sun, Sept 8th though). AwEsOmE!

We'll start the introductions with the brand spanking new cards (although one or two of those birthday cards are re-designs, but don't tell them ;)


And because you know it's Monday and this post HAS to have something musical....

I adored making mixed tapes when I was young - heck even mixed cd's!

The new collection should all be up in the shop by Wednesday evening. There are more invites and gift tags that need to get posted... so keep checking back!

It's a Holiday Monday, that's my excuse for the late post ;) I have to end this post with some tunes and this one is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long while. I put some of my friends to work on Friday packaging Christmas cards and in return they played this for me. I keep going back to watch it... it's golden, I can't wait to go pop some tags ;)

Happy Monday Peeps!

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