I ain't afraid of no ghosts...

I don't even really believe in them. But that's a whole other story. Today's challenge is to tell you about a time I was afraid. 

Now, I watch a lot of scary movies. It's not uncommon for me to be freaked out. But a couple of months ago I had one of the most terrifying nightmares ever. The kind where you wake up in a pool of sweat and just can't shake the horror off of you to get back to sleep. Some of you are going to laugh about it, some of you are going to get it. 

This is how I feel about having babies....

Friendship Rule #11: when your friend can no longer drink, you must drink her portions!

No seriously, I have no ticking clock, no maternal instincts... no urge to add to the world's population. That's for everyone else to take care of. 

I this horrifying nightmare I was extremely pregnant. Not the glowing with life kind, the waddling, bloated and uncomfortable kind. And woman all around me were going into painful labour. It was horrifying. Seriously. Freaky. Shit. I woke up and still had that feeling that I was carrying around a 20lb baby in my belly. Honestly, this was before the Celiac diagnosis so I probably just ate too much gluten laden food and was bloated. I will never forget that feeling though. Even that morning at Le Day Job my coworker and I were laughing about it. I could still feel that horrible belly and the fear of hearing these women popping out human beings.

I'm sure the miracle of life isn't so nightmarish, but I will still leave it for those of you who are up for the challenge. I clearly am not - and seriously I'm ok with that ;)

Happy Friday - and what do you think of the new card? was a bit hit before it even hit the shop :)


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