Uppercase Magazine

Don't know it? You SHOULD. It's an amazing magazine for the creatively minded. Filled with stories and interviews and inspiration and I might add, incredibly well designed. Oh yeah, and they're Canadian.
Uppercase just released their 17th issue, which was a special Stationery Issue, featuring 50 amazing small to large scale stationery design companies. And guess who was included. Yeah, thunderpeep designs was!

Another totally awesome feature, a scratch 'n sniff cover. No KIDDING. I LOVED collecting stickers when I was (not that much) younger and the scratch and sniff smurf ones where my absolute favourites. Yes, I was a pretty big smurf fan....
You can follow the Uppercase blog here (I highly recommend adding them to your bloglovin list!) and if you want to order a copy of the magazine (or order a subscription) you can do that here

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