Stationery love UK style

Last week was National Stationery Week over in the UK. A celebration of written communication, with the purpose of trying to inspire the nation to pick up a pen and get writing, especially the younger generation who are caught up in the distractions of online and phone chatting. I didn't find out until a couple of days in (to which I have to admit I was kinda embarrassed - how did I NOT know about this!) but I was so excited when I did. I first caught wind when my super fun Holly Goose stationery set was featured on 2 UK blogs, one right after the other. Both were featuring some amazing stationery, to show people that writing letters is so much more fun than just writing between the lines on boring old lined paper.

As a confessed stationery addict, I'm always spreading the love for hand-writen letters so I'm all over the idea of a whole week devoted to stationery. I'm all inspired... I think we start this over here in Canada. We've got some amazing designers up here but Canucks seem to have lost their urge to write to each other. And you know that makes me sad..... so I'm just going to have to step up and do something about it! Let's get writing Canada!

Thanks to both RedOnline and MissMagpieDesigns for the stationery love you showed thunderpeep during your Stationery week! Head on over to their sites to check out some of their awesome.

MissMagpieDesigns has some super cute bird illustrations....

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