The Troll are coming

This photo was taken last June, when I launched the Midsummer collection down at Arts Market. BergTroll had a big impact, just hanging out down in Leslieville!

This year so far has been crazy, and I'm behind on getting this years Midsummer collection going. But this current situation has forced me to plan out my lines better so nothing will be late - which means I'm literally working on Midsummer and Christmas at the SAME TIME. What the hell??????

But I'm excited, because both lines are going to be AWESOME. The trolls are making a second appearance this year, because honestly, they didn't get the attention they truly deserved last year. And they're pissed.... have you ever seen a pissed off troll? It is so not pretty.

So stay cool little peeps, June 1st is damn close. You'll have to come by the Toronto Etsy Street Teams' Springtime Marketplace to be the first to check out the 2013 Midsummer collection (and of coarse all the other goodies we'll have at the show - more on that in a later post).

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