A wee bit of an adjustment... Spring Cleaning

When I decided to take a step back and re-brand myself, I knew it was going to be a rocky and complicated road. For me. All the good, positive stuff that would come out of it, and how much happier I'd be for it. And I am. SO much Happier, and I'm still only beginning to come into my new skin. When the journey first started, what feels like a lifetime ago, I really wasn't sure what to expect. (you can read all about those first steps here)

What I didn't anticipate was the confusion and backlash from those around me. While I thrive with change, not everyone else does. We grow apart, we move on. This has been my challenge of late. Maybe we don't like to see our friends and loved ones move on to better places, if we're stuck. To see them settle and happy when we're not. Or maybe we're confused by their new being and don't know how to ask. I can't answer these questions for someone else. But I can react. And that's where one of my faults lay. Because I don't. I let it slide and distance myself from the negativity. Classic Michelle.

But my friend Christine summed it up quite well for me (she's so smart that lady!) She said (and I'm paraphrasing here a bit) that we all have our people in boxes. The way we know them, and have known them for however long they've been in our lives. Now they've moved to a new box and we aren't sure about it. It's change. It can be confusing. We want them back in the box we are comfortable with. Maybe they need an adjustment period to get used to this new box. Maybe they aren't sure they will be in this new box with you, or will want to.

Just remember folks, when someone is growing and changing, it's good to support them. Not poke fun at what you may not understand or what might be a challenging time for them. We are all human and should support growth and new challenges and passions. If we don't understand it we should engage in conversation. It's good for both sides to talk it out and then hug it out.

With all that said, it's time for the business and blog and personal life to part ways. I was blogging about personal life changes here and it's been a big part of my growth - and thunderpeep has been such a big part of me, but we've grown apart a bit. I did contemplate walking away from it entirely, but it's still enough of a part of me, and there is still lot's of fun to be had that I just can't.

But it's time for my personal blogging to have it's own space, as it's really become so much larger than I'd ever anticipated. So folks who want their thunderpeep can still have it and those who want some of the new #Grexy Michelle can have that too. (you're going to want to read about that #Grexy on the new blog)

So most of my blogging will be happening over on my personal blog - michelleinthesnow - and you can come visit as you wish. thunderpeep blogging will continue as well, with less personal content but all the fun will remain. So Bear With Me... Both are in transition for the month as I get them both setup and scheduled in between life and work!

I'm really excited for the new blog to take shape and see how thunderpeep settles back into itself. It's been a long road but what lies on the road ahead is so much more exciting.

Peace Out Peeps

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