Who turned the lights out?

Hopefully you did. Or are going to. Tonight's the yearly lights out for the Planet movement known as Earth Hour.

Started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, the grassroots movement has become a planet-wide event with more than 172 countries worldwide engaged in promoting environment concerns with lights out events. But Earth Hour is more than a one hour event, it is a movement that has achieved massive environmental impact, including legislation changes. It's a wee reminder to be mindful of your impact on this planet we all call home, not just for the one hour, but for every hour of every day.

This year Earth Hour falls on a friends 30th birthday celebration, so while I don't want to hijack the party, I'll be hoping that the shenanigans will come under candlelight for at least the one hour. But one thing I can do is set my own Earth Hour agenda and spend my day off the grid. Enjoy the forecasted sunshine and cool temperature. And catch up on some reading!

What are you plans for Earth Hour?

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