Guess what? Today's my birthday!

WooHoo, I did it, I made it through another year!

I usually always forget about this Throwback Thursday thing, and every now and again someone post some photo from my past and I think to myself "damn you've got a shit ton of pics in those boxes in the back of the closest. get on it already!"

So, one day I did just that. And I have a stack of pics ready for #TT. Look out people.

News Flash: most of them are of me. Like this one. This was my 7th birthday at my Dad's house. I still get this excited for cake. I have no idea who that dude is in the background - he's some guy my friend Sam knew and brought. He doesn't seem to fazed by the crazy girl with the large knife so he must have been cool.

I always hated having my pic taken. There are so many ridiculous pics like this of me. Very few of me sitting nicely, and honestly the ones that I do find I often wonder what my parents had to do to make that photo happen.

I like that today is my birthday, for many reasons other than the birthday cake. Like feeling like a new chapter is finally starting. Adventures are being planned. So many collaborations are in the works (seriously this is very exciting and i can't wait to have something concrete to share) There is the prospect of snow in the near future.

Life is looking good for year 41.


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