because, life happens

A few weeks ago I had coffee with my friend Katie. We chatted about life stuff, she gets me, these are always really great chats. I had made a comment about hitting your lowest point before you can really start to put things back together. I thought I had hit my dark spot. Then last week happened.

Last week was a hard week.
I had my heart ripped from my chest more than once.
I learned about strength and the need to surround yourself with friendly faces.
I learned that other people can only bring you down with their negativity if you let them.
I learned about the importance of empathy.

A lot of people fall apart in those dark moments. I see them as a necessary part of growing as a person. It's a time of hard and real self reflection. As hard as they are while you're there, I believe that you sometimes have to allow yourself to explore those darker places. 

Today is a good day to remember one very simple life lessons. Be nice to each other. Not everyone's day is great, if yours is going pretty well you might want to share that goodness with a smile. You might just change their day. Smiling is free after all!

Today I am happy. Life is always hard, especially when you have to be an adult. But now I have lot's of journal entries for days when I am looking for blogging content (silver linings;) I'm excited to start making fun things for you again and to get back to adventuring and story telling. Did I mention that Amy and I are planning another attempt at winter camping (although last time we didn't intend to go on a winter camping trip, mother nature just threw that weather glitch at us last minute) Yep, we'll be better prepared. But you still know there will be some crazy shit going down when we venture into the wilderness.

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