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so... as I've stated before, I'm trying much harder to be a more involved blogger. I think I'm getting there. At least I've given you something to read the past 2 weeks. WooHoo :)

A particularly fun blog I like to read is by a Stationery Artist down in California, JulieAnnArt. Not only are her cards hillarious, she's got a great blog. Lot's of down to earth chats, tempting recipes and super fun tutorials. Check it out, I bet you'll become a follower too! The other day she posted about a Blogging challenge she was taking part in, Blog Every Day in May Challenge.... and I LOVE this idea. Not only do I love a good challenge, I figure it's a great way to get a blogging routine and voice and maybe you can get to know me and what makes thunderpeep so much awesome! I may not get all the posts done, but my goal is 20 of the 31 post challenges (if you're a blogger you should join in the fun too!) And I won't be doing them in order, I like to mix it up a bit ;)

So, for topic #1... Your 3 worst traits.

Why did I pick THIS for my first post? I was just chatting with a friend (who is also single) about being single and why I don't really date (other than the fact I have barely any free time at the moment) One of my biggest dislikes with dating, is that people just try to hard to impress instead of just letting someone get to know you. I once did one of those online dating sites and when filling out the profile, I (being encouraged by drinks and a friend) decided it would be funny to list my top 10 best traits and top 10 worst traits, to get it all out of the way. I wish more people did that.... I personally love peoples odd quirks, they make you much more interesting than you may think. And yes, I did get quite a few dates from that profile, but still decided the online thing really wasn't for me. So... here you go, enjoy and feel free to share YOUR 3 worst traits in the comments ;)

1. I'm awfully moody. I blame it on my thyroid disease, makes me more hormonal than the average person. But most people I know take it so personally... It really is me, not you. Please don't try to fix me, I'll get over it if you give me 10 minutes ;)

2. I am pretty damn uncomfortable in groups of people. I get some pretty bad social anxiety, which may surprise some people. A lot of times I'll find an way out of whatever event is stressing me out, but when I do go through with it and I'm over the top chatty, talking non-sense, it's because I'm extremely uncomfortable. But it's something I am conquering with each show or event I do. I like to meet new people, but it takes me awhile to get comfortable around them. With the exception of a select few who instantly just accepted me (just as I am ;) and those are friendships I will treasure forever :)

3. this kind of goes with #1, I'm pretty aloof, especially in highly emotional situations. I've gotten really good at turning off my emotions, so it's hard for people to really know where I'm at emotionally. It's not that I don't have them, I just don't share them.  I'm better than I used to be, the wisdom I've gained with age I suppose.  But this trait, more so than any other, makes people really uncomfortable. weird.

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