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Happy 2016!

Hopefully you're fully intact. No terrible hangovers, or at least if you do they were totally worth it.

We all know that 2016 is the year of putting that new direction into action here at thunderpeep. But we're already had a big of a chat about that in my last post, but I do want to chat about one of my personal 2016 goals right now. Because my blog is going to hold me accountable. And hopefully you too - and you will play along.

I love reading, but I find I'm not very good at dedicating time for it. I totally blame Netflix. Just so many good things to watch, and they require large chunks of time - sometimes referred to as binging. But I'm going to try to limit that so I can read more. I can't read in public places, like the bus, I just get too distracted, so home is my place to read. So I decided to start a sort of Book Club here. A book club for me. The first Friday of every month I'm going to post about what book I'm reading. I usually read fairly short stories, so should be able to tackle one a month. Now, you don't have to read the same book, mostly I'm just using it to motive myself - if I know I have to post a new book once a month I have to make sure I set aside enough time to read that book within the month. You can play along too, if you want to pick a new book each month and post it in the comments that would be awesome! I'm always looking for good read recommendations.

This month I'm setting up to finish ready Wildwood (book #1 of the Chronicles). I may have started reading this book about a month ago, but really have only gotten 10 pages in... yikes :( But those 10 pages were so great, I know I'm going to get lost in the story and have no problems finish it this month. The book was written by Colin Meloy of the uber cool The Decemberists AND illustrated by his even cooler wife Illustrator Carson Ellis (follow her, you won't regret it). Win Win for me. I'll let you know how it turns out on February 5th!

And speaking of cool Clubs, yes the Troll Club is still in the works and hopefully coming this Midsummer...

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