Falling back into old habits

It's been tough lately to remind myself what I'm striving for. It's hard not to fall back into old habits and patterns. It's hard to stay focused and on your own path. Especially when life gets busy and you just try to stay on top of things and need to find the easiest ways to get all the shit done.

That's a terrible statement to make. But that's exactly where I found myself a few months ago.

Still feeling a bit unsure on where I was and where I needed to go to move forward I found myself at the centre of a shit storm. Mostly of my own doing, but things just needed to get done. That's what happens when you take on too much. Between planning and selling at shows and staying on top of the online orders, with life throwing as many obstacles as possible, I was still falling back on the old ways and old products. It was easy and I knew they'd sell well. Exactly what I didn't want to be doing. And I was miserable.

Hence the radio silence on the blog. I always try to share the good, the bad and the ugly. But the ugly wasn't something I even wanted to acknowledge, let alone share. Some things are still just a bit too personal for me.

I started this post on Thanksgiving weekend (the Canadian one) but thought it was a good time to come back to it. The year is coming to a close, the shop is in the midst of it's Christmas frenzy and I'm already planning on all the fun things I get to do with all the down time come the middle of December. And I'm feeling good about it all. All those hard times reminded me of what's important. Who's important. And why I'm on this journey of rebranding my life.

So, it's time to jump now. Come January you are going to see some big changes on the website and in the shops. 2015 was all about self-reflection and discovery,  finding my voice and reconnecting with my passion. Now we can all move forward into 2016.

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