#FaceForward - 5 Lessons for future me

I saw this quote on a blog I follow (and apologize - I can't remember which one) and it really resonated with my state of being these days, but would future me still need to be reminded?

My friend Katherine, over at Simple Smiles & Co recently posted this great article inspired by a global conversation started by the folks at Clinique. Basically it's a challenge to encourage our future selves by asking "what advice would you give yourself in 3 years". What a loaded question. Especially where I am at this particular moment in time.

But I'm going to play along, because I love this idea.

1. Look Back, often.
Most people would think this is crazy. 'Don't Look Back, look forward' is a motto for most inspirational whatevers, but I actually love to look back, and remember why I am where I am. Remembering the hard times, the good times, the learning times. Reflection is a great motivator for moving forward in life. I look back at this past year, and it's been a tough year, but I am such a different person from where I started. Sure I'm still a bit lost, but I'm SO MUCH happier knowing that because I took the time to dig down deep, I'm figuring out where I really want to be.

2. Remember that not everyone's opinion matters
This took me awhile to learn. Everyone's got an opinion. Especially an opinion on others peoples lives. But the people who know and care about you most, the ones who have YOUR best interest at heart. Those are the people, the only people, who's opinions you should listen to. The rest can go talk themselves into tomorrow!

3. Let your fear guide you, sometimes.
This is my favourite, but I'm sure I won't need to remind myself of it. (but I'm still going to list it) I'm never one to play it safe. The biggest rewards usually come from the biggest battles. If something scares you, it's probably because you know you should do it, but practicality is telling you otherwise. Unless it's like a big bug, or snakes or anything creepy crawly, you can fear them. Like this guy.

4. Be Happy. It's really Easy.
I've started this recently. When I find myself surrounded by negative folks and people are just being downright rude and gross I find myself getting sucked into their mad mojo. And whyyyyyyy? People are not going to change but I sure can change my reaction. Now, this is common advice that everyone likes to give but really, it's kind of awkward. Because when you're being really negative and I don't want it to get to me, i ignore you. And some people think that's rude (sigh). But now I have pretty much stopped worrying about it and have been much more at peace (and I also don't take the subway anymore, streetcar folk are much more happy and even when their weirdos I can just stare out the window!!!)

5. Eat something bad for you.
;) no really. Whatever it is that is your guilty pleasure, sometimes you just need to indulge. Life is too short not to. I switched to drinking tea over coffee less than a year ago and I feel so much better (I've really only been drinking coffee since I turned 30 but it makes me CRAZY and I just want more and more and more). But sometimes, especially when I'm meeting up for weekend chats with a friend, I treat myself to a latte. Especially fancy ones at local shops, they are always the absolute yummiest (if in Toronto you have to try one of Red Rocket lattes with special shots... oh man)

Red Rocket treats with Katie from Hearts Haven. We both got the Roasted Marshmallow shot. OMG yes!
What are the 5 Lessons you would want to pass on to future you?

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