Polar Bears Day 2

Day 2 - All about Polar Bears!

Now that you've adjusted to the fact that I'm blogging 2 days in a row, I've got some fun tips about Polar Bears I bet you didn't know. And if you DID know then you should go make yourself a big cup of hot chocolate, with marshmallows of coarse, and grab the embroidery floss, because today your get a freebie embroidery pattern featuring some of my Arctic creatures. But first…

Some Polar Bear Facts

• Polar bears are the largest bears in the world - weighing from 352-680kg
• Seals are their typical prey and they would have to eat about 45 a year to survive 
• They are the Arctic's top wildlife predator
• The life span of a polar bear is 25 to 30 years
• There are approx. 20-25,000 polars bears worldwide but 60% of them live in Canada (woohoo!)
• Their status is listed as: Vulnerable :(
• Have a thick coat of insulating fur that covers up a nice layer of fat - to keep them warm in one of the planet's coldest environments
• Fur even grows on the bottom of their paws!
• While their fur is white, to help camouflage them in the snow and ice, their skin is actually black to help soak in the sun's warming rays.
• Females give birth in the winter and usually to twins (awwww!)
• They will dig a den deep into the snow drifts to help protect and insulate them from the elements
• Cubs will live with their mother for around 28 months, while she teaches them all they need to know to survive the Arctic.

Crafty Fun!

As many of you may know, I have a wee side project with my good friend Quilter Steff called Pickled Herring Design. We create really pretty quilt and embroidery patterns for all you sewing friendly folk and for today's perk I thought I would create some embroidery patterns of the Arctic creatures from this years Polar Nights collection. These patterns aren't even for sale - super exclusive for all you hard core Arctic fans. Download the pdf here

And lastly, a little video about Polar Bear senses

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