We're celebrating a wee bit over here….

My {not so} little Etsy shop is oh so close to a milestone 1000 sale and that means it's time for a little bit of celebrating.

Now, maybe I can't clink shot glasses with you BUT I can offer you something {not really} even better. For the next 24 hours the ENTIRE shop is 50% off - yes even the custom listings - just use the code: 1000AWESOMES at checkout for the deal of a lifetime {seriously I haven't had any shots yet….}

All orders using the code will get some extra love with their order - and if you're lucky #1000, well you'll be getting some serious extra love.

Thanks for hanging out on this journey with me. No matter how far or how close I've had fun with every single order!


  1. :) :) still super pumped about this.

    I think you should bring back the send more snail mail concept. I've definitely ordered enough peep goods to champion that movement heh... #ismellahashtag

    1. I was actually just thinking that the other day… the whole snail mail tag. I haven't used it in forever and getting people to share sending and receiving thunderpeep goodies. I'm going to make it a thing ;)


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